Arcagen Journal Entry #5: Unexpected Events

General / 08 September 2021

(Repost from my old blog)


I know I haven’t been around much lately. Even when the development of Arcagen keeps advancing at a steady pace, I’ve had some setbacks during the last two weeks. First, my desktop computer has been failing continuously, being a defective RAM stick the primary reason. Thank to my younger brother, I could replace this component, and reinstalled Windows 7 just in case. The second setback was that some muscles in my face started twitching by themselves. This never happened before, so I reserved an hour to a general doctor as soon as I could. The doctor told me this was common among many people, and most of the cases occur due to stress. I chose to take a couple of days off just to fully recover. From now on I’ll have to change some habits if I want to keep a good health. For example, I’ll make an effort to sleep 8 hours daily instead of 6, and cut the amount of caffeine I consume by half.

As you might imagine, these events affected my productivity, including the writing of new blogs. I hope next week I can start writing these entries once again. I’m currently listening to the audiobook “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. Hopefully I’ll get new ideas on how to be even more productive..

For now, I’ll leave you with another preview of Arcagen. This is the third page of the comic. Enjoy!

Remember you can already read the comic on Webtoon and Tapas.  Now that chapter 2 is complete, the team will be taking a couple of months until we have enough pages to start publishing once more. Please follow my Blog, Newsletter, or Patreon for the latest updates on this grand project. Linktree

I want to extend my gratitude to my patrons on Patreon for helping us along the way.